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Anaheim, CA, United States

Personal Information

I'm looking to have some fun, while I'm young and single. I'm pretty adventurous and willing to try just about anything. This is not something I want to make a lifestyle out of, but something I want to try for right now. Who knows?! I would love to experience the tenderness of a woman. I imagine sharing a man with another woman. Oh, and being with two men would be just too much!! So while I'm single (still looking for Prince Charming), I want to have fun!!I love sex!! I had a guy tell me that he never knew a woman like me...I never turn it down. Never!! Sex is on my mind 24/7....all day at work and all night. The nights get lonely....I've become addicted to porn! Thank God for porn and dildos!! Right now as I'm typing, I'm wet and horny. I'm pathetic! The sad thing is, the porn isn't doing it for me always anymore. I NEED MORE!!! I love oral and receiving. I love being on top during sex. I like being talked dirty to. Love having sex while watching porn. I could go on and on, but I'll let you find out what else I like.I'm also a fun girl. I'm smart, educated, funny, sweet...just your all around good girl. BUT I have this very naughty side. I hope to share that with you! 

I am seeking:
Women, Men
5' 6"
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Body Type:
A little extra Padding