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Cape Coral, FL, United States
  • Kitty2x 35, Woman 3 days ago
  • Do guys ever wanna be more than friends?
  • Kitty2x 35, Woman 2 months ago
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Personal Information

I am currently in a relationship that is coming to an end. I am looking for something to help me get through as sort of a rebound-sex type of thing, you get the idea. I don't care about your current relationship situation. As I am attractive I am looking for the same in return, if you had to put looks on a scale....I'd say you have to be at least an 8 out of 10. I am a white female, size weight proportionate, athletic build,"Outgoing personality is a must...due to the fact that sex with a person you have a spark with is much better! Please respond with a picture as i will not respond if you don't. This is the first attempt at this! Please no creepers! Let's see where it can go! 

I am seeking:
5' 7"
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Body Type:
Business (Management)