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Waldorf, MD, United States

Personal Information

i am a mother of 4 2 grown 2 living at home... i have been a sub for over 20 years... and am without a Master/Dom ... i like bondage... light pain... and serving One.. i do not want those that are just courious in trying it i don't make a good teacher.. a good sub needs a good Dom/Master to be the best she/he can be and bring out the best that He/She can be. Let Uus not mix up the world of BDSM with the D/s relationship for they are seperate althought they do tend to cross over into the other but only for the purpose of personal needs of to please the Master/Mistress. If this seems to be confusing the one place i have found to be very informative is a site called castlerealm com that i have read and found very clear on most matters. there are also many links through there that have much information. i have a brain of my own and want to respected for that. as being a submissive does not mean that i give all power over to One or my own thoughts if that is what You are looking for then a slave is more along the lines of what You are looking for and that i am not. So Tthose that are a bit full of Tthemselves need not apply. *soft smile* as that is not what i am in need of nor looking for. If this sounds a bit harsh well then so be it however i have recieved a few emails that have been just that and would like to stop them here it will not waste You time nor mine in doing just that. as i find that my time is very presious to me as i am sure that You find Yours as presious to You. also i find that time is one thing that is never replaced when given. as with any true sub i have my hard limits these are not something that can be bent as i have spent much time looking at them to be sure that they are just that so here is a list of them not that i may not forget to list a few but a basic line that is drawn...the lifestyle i need does NOT involve kids, beastiality, scat, watersports, blood play, scaring, fisting, needles, extreme BDSM. Arse play; Biting; Breast Torture,Anal Beads,Doctor/Nurse Fetish;Humiliation; Klismaphilia; Whips no age play either Confinement/Caging, Asphyxiaphilia; This list is just a few that are unmovable. and to some that read this may understand and others may not.. 

I am seeking:
5' 1"
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